what the heck is @getchusomegear?

@getchusomegear is a project (made up of coffee pros) that re-distributes FREE boxes of coffee gear to baristas and coffee workers that hold systemically excluded identities. since 2019, we have packed and shipped out over 569 boxes between our chapters in the so called US and Canada. we also extend our resources to business owners when we are able to! “getchu a grant has served over 60 individual coffee businesses so far (thanks to Seattle Coffee Gear and Brewista!).

the thing is, coffee gear is so expensive and there’s not always enough time to soak in the information you need on the clock. the tools to make a pour over at home could total over $100. now, add a less-than-thriving cafe wage into the mix. okay, now throw in an identity that the system is against. understand that folks that hold systemically excluded identities face financial hardships at a higher rate.

every coffee professional deserves access to tools and resources to learn about the industry and their craft on their own time, in a place that feels safe.

how can i snag a gear box?

it’s easy! if you’re an hourly coffee worker that holds an identity that is systemically excluded, you can click the application tab (either US or canada) and fill out a short survey. no tough questions, we promise: half the application is letting us know what you want and giving us your contact information.

if you have any questions, reach out! info@getchusomegear.coffee <3

can i donate gear or resources right now?

a fantastic gear box heading to massachusetts 🙂

absolutely! click the “donate” tab in the menu bar or email us.

our Current Big Need: pour over drippers, coffee servers, and grinders! any shape, size, color, material.